Pot Luck


You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’  Well, do ya, punk?

So, we get it.  Whilst our boxes are the size the are for lots of good reasons, they are still quite bulky.  And, whilst our boxes are great value, they are still quite a lot of money, especially if you have not tried MilkBeef before…  So, how about this: you send us £16 (plus P&P) and we will send you 2kg of top quality MilkBeef.  Which cut of MilkBeef will you receive?  Well, that is the pot luck – it might include fillet steak, or it might include a roasting joint, or our NEW caramelised onion & cracked black pepper sausages, or it might be any cut in between.  You’ve got to ask yourself one question…

Delivery is fixed at £12 per order, regardless of number of boxes in your order.

Please select your preferred delivery week from this dropdown:

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Please note: Each MilkBeef carcass is unique and whilst we shall make every effort to deliver your Pot Luck Box to you in the week of your choice, we cannot guarantee it until we have confirmed in writing.  You will be refunded in full, if we are unable to confirm a delivery date that is satisfactory to you.

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Weight 2 kg

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