What is MilkBeef?

· ⭐️⭐️ Great Taste Awards Winner 2019.

·       A young, lighter cut of beef – half-way between veal and mature beef.

·       Especially suited to modern, faster cooking and lighter, healthier meals.

·       Fed on milk and grass, whilst free-ranging at pasture, for life.

·       100% antibiotic-free.

·       Travels less than 20 food-miles, prior to despatch.

·       Completely seasonal with a limited volume available.

·       Retailing in your local quality butcher – look for the MilkBeef logo.

·       Or buy direct from here.

How is MilkBeef produced?

We start by cross-breeding Aberdeen Angus and Simmental beef cattle.  This gives us cows that are fantastic mothers and healthy calves  – so healthy that we do not need to use antibiotics in them, which means no residues in MilkBeef.  Our cows calve early in the spring and, as soon as possible, go out to the field with their calves.  The cow and calf then spend the next 8 months at pasture together, with the calf eating fresh grass and suckling its mother’s milk every day.  By late autumn, when the grass and the milk are running out for the year, it is time to wean the calves.  By this time the calves are becoming too big and strong for their mothers – who need a rest to prepare for their next calf in the spring.  So, we must separate the cows and calves but, instead of putting the calves into a shed for the winter, we make MilkBeef instead.

Where is MilkBeef made?

MilkBeef is grown close to the Cotswolds, in an arc of land to the north of Adderbury.  Where the ironstone slopes down to meet the Cherwell river, you will find the flood meadows where our cows and calves graze.  From there it is a short journey to our local abattoir in Long Compton.  In all, MilkBeef undergoes no more than 20 food miles, prior to despatch.

Why is MilkBeef better?

Your People:  Independent scientific studies show that meat grown the MilkBeef way makes for healthier eating than that of beef finished on grains.  It has higher levels of the Omega 3 fatty acids needed for human brain development, higher levels of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is associated with lowering heart disease and cancer risk, and higher levels of vitamins and minerals.  Thus, MilkBeef lends itself extremely well to  healthier meals for all of the family.

Our Cows:  The health and welfare of our animals is our top priority.  If we were unable to maintain our standards, we would stop before we dropped them.  Our production system means that our calves spend their entire lives in their natural environment with their mothers, in a herd and at pasture.  Only a tiny proportion of the beef available to UK consumers today has had that life.

The Environment:  Whilst there is no such thing as low carbon beef, there is less carbon beef.  MilkBeef achieves this by growing on permanent grassland and is part of a natural cycle that helps to capture and store carbon in those soils.  Outside inputs are minimised or not used at all.  Packaging, wastage and food miles are kept as low as possible by keeping all processing local and supplying in bulk.

How is MilkBeef supplied?

MilkBeef is seasonal – it is only available fresh for 8 weeks through October and November.  MilkBeef cannot be made any other way.  Also, being a small family farm means that we can only produce so much MilkBeef each year – stocks will be limited.  Thus, MilkBeef can only be purchased from your local quality butcher or direct from us.  Please see below for more details.


The following top butchers are selling MilkBeef this autumn for as long as stocks last.  Click on their logos to find out more.  We supply them with half or whole carcasses, which allows them to use their skill and expertise to create the fresh cut that you want, when you want it.  Doing it this way enables us to support family businesses local to you and minimises our carbon footprint.

If your butcher does not yet stock MilkBeef, tell us about them (via the contact form below) and we shall see what we can do…

Buy Direct.

For those of you wishing to eat MilkBeef all year round, the answer is to buy during our fresh season and freeze your own supply at home.  We have found MilkBeef comes out of freezing very well, to the point where many tasters have been unable to tell the difference between fresh and defrosted MilkBeef.  With that in mind, we are pleased to offer a range of beef boxes containing freshly butchered and packed MilkBeef, ready to cook or freeze.  To ensure that all appetites and budgets are satisfied, the following boxes are available.  Please click on the icons to find out more.

Timeframe and Deliveries:

Each MilkBeef carcass is unique and so is the service we attach to it.  We shall discuss and plan your order with you to ensure your full satisfaction.  During the MilkBeef season (Oct-Nov), order to delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks, whilst stocks last.  However, given that stocks are limited we recommend that you pre-order as early as possible and select a delivery date that suits you during the MilkBeef season.

If you wish, you can collect your box from the farm, for free.  Alternatively, we can pack your order in natural, sustainable, reusable/recyclable WoolCool and have our courier deliver to your door.  Whilst we shall make every effort to deliver your MilkBeef to you in the week of your choice, we cannot guarantee it until we have confirmed in writing.  You will be refunded in full, if we are unable to confirm a delivery date that is satisfactory to you.

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